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Extreme Heat Fan Heater

Product: Fan heater/heat convector

Extremeheat Fan Heater

Brand: Extreme Heat Type/number of model: FH-90B bar code 5201547014559 Description: Small fan heater 2000 W marked extreme heat / heat convector, packaged in blue and white box. Country of origin: China

This product poses a serious risk of fire because during the blocked airway test and the stalled motor test, the self-resetting cut-out operated as expected but the insulating boots on adjacent terminals had started to burn.

In addition, the instruction supplied with the heater had contradictory instructions. Item 5 on page 2 stated that a minimum spacing of 100 cm was required; yet page 3 stated that only 50 cm was required. If the former instruction is correct, there is a risk that the heater may be positioned such that it has inadequate spacing around it.

This product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 60335.

Appliance Recall List