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B&Q Performance Power Mitre Saws

Important Safety Information, This notice applies to the following mitre saws only -

CLM190SMS PP Pro 900w Slide Compound Mitre Saw - Barcode 05031283
CLM210LSMS PP Pro Slide Compound Mitre Saw Laser Line - Barcode 05024308
CLM250LSMS PP Pro 250mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw - Barcode 05031306
FMTC190MS PP Compound Mitre Saw - Barcode 05014651
PP1100MS 100w Mitre Saw - Barcode 5022336101089

Despite rigorous quality control procedures, in some instances the grub screw, used to locate the hinge pin, may not be fully tightened. This may allow the hinge pin to move off centre and in extreme circumstances may cause the hinge mechanism to become partially detached,

Please note the following important maintenance instructions:

* Ensure that the hinge pin is located flush on both sides of the hinge mechanism

* If the hinge pin is off centre then top gently with a hammer until flush

* Tighten the grub screw using a suitable hex key

* In some instances it may be necessary to loosen the grub screw prior to aligning the hinge pin

* Always ensure that the grub screw is tightened and the pin flush before use

This, along with other fixings, should be regularly checked as part of the general maintenance of your mitre saw, as laid out in the instruction manual.

In case of queries please ask in store or phone the Performance Power helpline on

0845 300 2577

Source :- The National Press
5th December 2003

Appliance Recall List