Appliance Recall List

Breville Kettle & Toasters

Breville Laughter Lines Kettles JK36/JK37 & Breville Laughter Lines Toasters PT26/PT27

Our quality control checks have identified a potential component failure within the above products which could render them dangerous. The following products are affected:

Breville Kettles JK36(Blue) / JK37(White)
Breville Toasters PT26(Blue) / PT27(White)

The product model numbers can be found on the underside of the Kettle and on the underside of the Toaster. If you own either of the above products you should:
1. Disconnect from the electricity supply immediately
2. Contact our customer service for details of how to return the affected product and obtain a free replacement

FREEPHONE Customer Service Line telephone number is:
0800 587 2405


(Published int he national press on the 29 March 2004)

Freephone: 0800 587 2405

Appliance Recall List